Your Place In God’s Church

A 4 – 6 Week Course held regularly at London Road Baptist Church, Lowestoft.

A remarkable workshop to help members discover their place in God’s Church. We all have God given Spiritual Gifts and Talents. Together we discover our Spiritual Gifts and explore how these can best serve God’s purpose for you.

See Bill or Esther for details of the next course dates.


Here’s what others are saying about the workshop.

I was blown away by the ‘Your Place In God’s Church‘ Workshop. To gain an overview of Spiritual Gifts was enlightening, but to have Neal, Bill & Esther work with me to discover my own Spiritual Gifts was simply amazing.

This answered so many of my questions regarding God’s Purpose for me. Once I understood which Spiritual Gifts God had given me I found a new focus in life both in and outside of Church.

I highly recommend this.

F. Tucker

June 2019