Sunday Services Postponed

The building may be closed, but the Church continues online via our regular podcasts.

Latest LRBC News Sheet

Weekly Prayer:

Lord Jesus, when you walked with us on earth you spread your healing power. We place in your loving care all who are affected by Coronavirus. Keep us strong in faith, hope, and love. Bring relief to our sick, console our bereaved, protect those who care for us. We lift our prayer to you Lord, and trust in your infinite mercy, as we wait for the daybreak.
Amen. Peter Grieg & 24/7 Prayer

Sunday Morning Meet and Greet:

This takes place between 10:00 am and 10:25am, we’ll all be together for the first 5 minutes, then the “Zoom” computer programme, smartphone or tablet app will automatically, and randomly mix us up into smaller groups for four minutes, before coming all back together for one minute. This arrangement will then automatically repeat itself until our time is gone, when I encourage you all to watch the recorded Sunday morning service commencing at 10:30 am.

PLEASE NOTE: The required link to join us this Sunday can be found in the Newsletter Email sent out each Wednesday. Be sure to use the link shown in the newsletter sent out on the Wednesday before the Sunday, as the link changes each week.

Weekly Podcast:

There are two opportunities available each week to listen to a message on the LRBC Podcast Here, or through ‘My ChurchSuite’ link to the website. To keep some structure and to have a sense of togetherness, we encourage you to access them at 10.30am but they will be available at any time.

LRBC Phone Line: we are now able to send to those within our church family without internet the weekly service via a local phone line. We are also sending out to these folk by post the weekly news sheet. If you are aware of without the internet in the church family and have not received a phone call please contact Phyllis.

“Welcome One Another”

We are very excited to be in the position to make a start on the new ‘Welcome One Another’ sooner than expected. There are many, many bright spots in our Church family life. We gather together, we worship together, we pray together, we sing together, and during our Sunday Services, we are given an opportunity to ‘Welcome One Another’. During this season of COVID-19 when our activities together are
restricted, we would like to include YOUR ‘Welcome To One Another’ in a NEW segment of our Sunday Service Video. Full instructions and more information on how you can join in can be found in the Weekly newsletter sent via email.

LRBC Youth Update:

HAPPY HALF TERM! For a lot of people every day, and every week, looks the same. But for children and youth (and some parents!) this week is a welcome break from schoolwork. From 1st June some schools will see a phased return for certain year groups. Every school will look different in its approach, and what they are able to offer, but
many people will be experiencing similar emotions around the return.

During the week, please remember in prayer:
• Children/young people going back to school in June.
• Children/young people not going back to school before September.
• Teachers and other staff members of schools- those we know within our church family, but also those in the wider community.
• Parents who are deciding on the return to school for their children/young people.
• Specific schools that are nearby to where you live.

Youth Online:

Youth leaders please do get in touch with Jen if you are able to be involved on a Thursday evening for Youth Online. All are welcome!

Chaplaincy Update:

This past week chaplaincy put out live videos called “5 days of spiritual exploring in lockdown” aimed at reaching people who are not Christian but might want to start some spiritual practices Quite a lot of people watched Please pray the Holy Spirit moves them towards Jesus

For those who are online, we are using the hashtag #sharethejoy so post on our @chaplaincylowestoft facebook page and email me so we can share how we are sharing Jesus!

Whitton Life:

Even though our doors are still closed Whitton is still going on. We are making sure that we are keeping in contact with most if not all of the people we would see each week. The children from After school club are still receiving their pack in the post and while out for a walk one day last week I saw one of the families who come along to this group. They loved getting the packs and doing the work and was lovely to have a catch up conversations and the parents said that they really appreciated the care that had been shown to them as a family during this time.
Our older ladies love receiving the calls that we make and it is lovely to spend time chatting with them. Please could you pray for our lunchbox ladies and 1 gentleman, these are the people who are mostly isolated in their homes and will often not see anyone for a few days and they are feeling lonely and often scared with what is happening in the world at this time.

Weekly Offerings:

A big thank you to all of you who have continued to contribute through donations. Also, to those who have set up new standing orders or sent payments by cheque or cash.  I realise some of you may be finding it difficult to carry on contributing at your usual level due to reduction in your income.  As a leadership we are carefully monitoring our cash flow as we still have salaries and running costs to consider whilst losing revenue from groups which normally use our premises.

However, we are managing to more or less balance the books by taking steps to decrease our monthly costs. We would therefore ask that you continue to support the Church as usual, provided it does not cause you any financial hardship during these difficult times.

Please either call or e-mail me if you would like to discuss an alternate way of giving.Yours in Christ. Anna.

Coronavirus:  East Suffolk Council’s Community Hub:

A Covid-19 helpline has been set up for anyone to self refer to the Council for wider support if you require it. The helpline number is: 0800 8766926 

From there you will be refered for the help you need

Volunteers are also required to enable the community response to reach everyone. If you would like to volunteer to telephone people who are stuck in and/or be part of a delivery service getting essential items to people let Esther know and give her your number, and she will send your details through.

As further information comes out we will keep you posted.

Weekly Prayer Focus

“Growing healthy churches in relationship for God’s mission in the East of England.” 

Eastern Baptist Association

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