Sunday Services Postponed

The building may be closed, but the Church continues online via our regular podcasts.

Latest LRBC News Sheet

Duty Deacon W/C 15th March

Duty Deacon W/C 15th March

Phyllis Axon

Duty Deacon W/C 22nd March

Duty Deacon W/C 22nd March

Abi Warner

Sunday Podcast Service

29th March 2020

Weekly Podcast:

There are two opportunities available this week to listen to a message on the LRBC podcast either through lrbc website  click resourses and follow the link to the podcast, or through ‘My ChurchSuite’ link to the website. These are on Friday and Sunday morning. To keep some structure and to have a sense of togetherness, we encourage you to access them at 10.30am but they will be available at any time.

Whitton Life Update:

This past week we have obviously seen some changes at Whitton, it’s strange not being able to see so many people, many of who we now class as our friends, but as life goes on we are working out ways of staying in touch, ways of supporting people who we see each week as well as reaching out to the community. We are trying to keep in contact with  people either by phone, e-mail or social media, at present it is working well. Many of them are grateful for the contact as some are already self isolating. Food bank is not operating out of the Whitton premises at the present time. We took the difficult decision to completely close Whitton. Food bank are going to be giving out food vouchers less frequently, the next session is on Friday at the Job center and they are trying to set up a central base that will be open 2-3 times a week rather than have various places open over the town. We will continue to update you each week as it is an ongoing situation that no doubt will frequently change. This is such a lifeline to so many, not just in the community but all over the town, and we are looking at ways to continue if the country goes on a complete lock down. If you are fit and healthy and would like to help in any way with food bank during this time, please contact me and I will then forward your details. My number is 07877987860

Our food bank was chocca last week, to the point where we ran out of our boxes and were making up boxes out of our extra supplies. One lovely story was of a young lady bringing in extra food for us at Whitton, this enabled us to make up extra boxes, without which we couldn’t have helped 3 extra families. Please continue to pray for the food bank team, not just the volunteers from our Church, but also the team at the warehouse who pack the boxes, for Sam Porter Lowestoft Community Church who is responsible for organising the foodbank in the area, and for the families who so desperately need the food parcels. I am sure that the situation for so many will get worse before it gets better, but we believe in a God that is so much more powerful than this and we ask him to heal our land.

Chaplaincy Update:

4 Chaplains went out on Friday and put leaflets through doors, left stones of encouragement on doorsteps along with “little bags of peace”. We prayed as we walked the streets and prayed for the houses we left gifts at. Depending on how things go, we may do the same this Friday.

To make up for a lack of physical presence, we have upped our online presence, and on our facebook  page we are posting a daily morning live-video reflection, morning lunch and evening thoughts for the day, funny stories and ways people can access help. We are also keeping in regular contact with people we have built relationships with, checking in on how they are doing. By the end of the week we hope to have more gifts prepared and Chaplains on hand to chat and listen to those who need it.

Weekly Offerings:

Thank you for the way you support our church with your financial giving. Several people have voiced their concerns as we are unable to make a weekly collection whilst not meeting at church due to the Corona virus, and we understand your concern. If you normally give by blue or yellow envelopes and are concerned about keeping cash at home, please give me a call so that I can arrange to collect your donations once the non-essential travel ban has been lifted.  As an alternative you may like to consider donating weekly or monthly by standing order through your bank account. This also applies if you normally donate through the collection bags. 

Please either call or e-mail me if you would like to discuss an alternate way of giving.

As a leadership we are carefully monitoring our cash flow as we still have salaries and running costs to consider whilst losing revenue from groups which normally use our premises.  We would therefore ask that you continue to support the Church as usual, provided it does not cause you any financial hardship during these difficult times.

Yours in Christ. Anna Smith. Finance Trustee.

LRBC Youth Update:

Katch @ Home packs were sent to all parents of children we usually see in Katch. Last week, this was based on Caleb which is our usual topic. Packs included games, activities, a bible reading and discussions. All of which were age appropriate. Katch @ Home will continue weekly whilst we are not meeting at church in the usual way.I had mentioned I would be happy to print activities for those who do not have a printer at home but based on the current situation I will no longer be able to offer this.  Youth House Group continues to “meet” virtually. We are currently working through the Prayer Course and are on week 2. Group Leaders hopefully you have all received a message about dedicated prayer time. It is good to know we are all united in our prayers at this time. Keeping in Touch – I am trying to connect with as many young people as possible. I am a call or a text away, please feel free to share my number 07925 092724                     If your young person is in school years 7+ (13 years or older) then please ask them to join the closed Facebook page Y LRBC. I want to continue chatting and encouraging!

Thank you Jen.

Coronavirus:  East Suffolk Council’s Community Hub:

A Covid-19 helpline has been set up for anyone to self refer to the Council for wider support if you require it. The helpline number is: 0800 8766926 

From there you will be refered for the help you need

Volunteers are also required to enable the community response to reach everyone. If you would like to volunteer to telephone people who are stuck in and/or be part of a delivery service getting essential items to people let Esther know and give her your number, and she will send your details through.

As further information comes out we will keep you posted.

Weekly Prayer Focus

“Growing healthy churches in relationship for God’s mission in the East of England.” 

Eastern Baptist Association

  • EBA Regional Team
    Over the year it is so good to read each week the prayer focus to hear what is going on locally across our whole Association. We really value your engagement with the prayer focus and are encouraged to see how it is used in churches that the Regional Ministers visit. The Regional team is made up of Beth, Nick, Graeme and Hayley. Beth is based in Thetford and directly relates to the Northern part of… Read more »