House Groups

At the heart of our family are our small groups.  At London Road we are committed to being more than simply a large group of people who gather together on a Sunday.

Our vision as a Church is: Totally committed to God. Empowered by the Holy Spirit. Introducing others to Jesus.
These groups provide us with the perfect smaller setting to meet with friends, a place of support and encouragement – a place to know and be known, and centrally as a place of outreach into our local communities.

Each house group will be slightly different, but during the evening we will worship together, pray for each other, maybe eat (in some cases a lot!) and there will be discussion based teaching and times of sharing.  As house groups meet alternate weeks this gives plenty of time in the month for groups to organise their own methods of outreach and socialising in the neighbourhood they meet in, but essentially, they are a place where we can belong, receive pastoral care, grow in our faith, reach out and have fun.

There is a wide range of groups right across Lowestoft and we encourage you to try out the group in your neighbourhood.

Please contact the Church office if you’d like to know about a group near you.




Burnt Hill/Rosedale Tuesday
Carlton Colville Tuesday
Kirkley Plus Wednesday
North Lowestoft Tuesday
Normanston Wednesday
Pakefield Tuesday
South Central Tuesday
Daytime Group Tuesday
Kirkley Tuesday
Whitton Life Monday