KatCH groups run every Sunday and are a place for children and young people to primarily grow their relationship with God, through learning more about Him and encountering Him in different ways. Groups are fun, relevant to that particular age and are a training ground which it is hoped the children and young people will leave feeling equipped to share their faith with their friends.

The groups also provide a great place for children and young people to build their friendships with one another and also their leaders through the various activities done each week. Some of the other young people also use their gifts of working with children and help out with some of the younger KatCH groups on a regular basis.

Age Groups

Creche: 0-3 years old
KatCH 1: 3 years old to school year 2
KatCH 2: School years 3-6

KatCH 3: School years 7-9
KatCH 4: School years 10-13

When & WhereKatch tombstome000001

Sundays 10.30am to 12.00pm
London Road Baptist Church, Kirkley Park Road.